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Hydrogen subsidies set to unlock finance

Exploring insights from Financing Wind 2023. Hydrogen production, as a commercial industry, is still nascent. However, interest in financing is ramping up in line with EU, UK and US subsidy processes.

Floating wind a sleeping giant

Industry observers say that the UK, France and South Korea are set to be top floating wind markets, suggesting that South Korea and the UK seem to be moving a bit faster. 

‘Resilient’ wind stack still needs CfDs

Insights from Financing Wind 2023 reveal that despite ongoing bottlenecks slowing down timelines, European investments remain resilient. But the challenges they face are getting ever tougher.

Offshore auctions spread across Europe

Discover the insights from Financing Wind 2023, highlighting the spread of offshore wind auctions across Europe and the potential of countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, and Italy to meet EU renewable energy targets. Explore the challenges faced by turbine suppliers, the role of non-price criteria in auctions, and the rise of floating wind projects.

Onshore wind markets: Hotspots and bottlenecks

Explore the insights from Financing Wind 2023, focusing on onshore wind markets worldwide. Discover the growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, network constraints as a bottleneck, and the risks and rewards of investing in the US market. Gain valuable perspectives on long-term profitability, permitting challenges, and potential impacts of political factors.

Wind Power List 2023 Published

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Wind Power List 2023 sponsored by Green Giraffe. The list is a comprehensive ranking of the top players in the wind power sector, recognising their contributions to advancing the industry and driving the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.