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The UK Government has followed the announcement of its first Net Zero Hydrogen Fund winning projects by publishing more details about its hydrogen strategy. But it is blue hydrogen projects, not green, that have dominated so far.

Co-location of renewables assets with storage was rarely considered in the era of subsidies, but it is about to become the norm as investors seek to maximise the value of assets

Finland was a bright spot for wind investment in Europe in 2022 and it is poised to accelerate in offshore wind with 6GW of tenders in 2023 and 2024.

A recent study challenges the belief that solid-state batteries lack durability - the technology is now seen as able to unlock the 'true potential' of stationary storage

France finally joined the offshore wind party in 2022 with the completion of its first utility-scale offshore wind farm, and the government is now looking for fast growth.

The United Nations has warned that the world is heading into a water crisis because of “vampiric overconsumption”. How can developers in the green hydrogen industry ensure that water access does not derail their projects?

Energy Storage
March 31, 2023

Despite some scepticism, the rise of vehicle-to-grid technology as a major provider of storage capacity around the world will be inexorable

Four Republican congressmen have called for a halt to US offshore wind projects because of unsubstantiated claims blaming the industry for whale deaths. But this obvious misinformation can still be a threat for the growth of the industry.

The Irish Government has unveiled changes to its second offshore wind tender that the industry said have created “massive levels of uncertainty”. We look at what this means for the up-to-80GW of offshore wind projects in development in Irish waters.

Energy Storage
March 22, 2023

Despite warnings that lithium supplies will not be able to keep up with future demand, imminent improvements in lithium-ion battery design mean reliance on the metal could be greatly reduced

The European Hydrogen Bank is part of the EU's response to US incentives for green hydrogen in the Inflation Reduction Act. We look at its goals and some of the immediate questions from industry.