Leadership Councils

Tamarindo’s Leadership Councils convene senior business leaders around complex market challenges that form a part of the global energy transition.

Learn. Connect. Problem solve.

Our member-driven, action-focused working groups empower senior leaders to solve complex problems, forge vital connections and receive peer-validated insights to drive their business forward. 

Combining the power of our membership community and communications advisory, we cut through the market noise and provide practical insight and actionable intelligence to save businesses time, enabling them to solve critical challenges with greater ease.

Tamarindo Leadership Councils.

How we deliver for businesses

Facilitated learning & development

Our closed-door meetings provide intelligence and bridge the knowledge gap around critical market challenges.

Actionable insight, not theoretical ideas

Our research and analysis team deliver ongoing practical insight through detailed case studies, white papers & research resources.

Collaboration that drives best practice

Tap into the collective wisdom of the market through peer-validated insight and collective problem-solving. 

Networking at its very best

Limited to just 15-20 participants, our working group meetings enable leaders to establish deep commercial relationships across the market. 

Brand positioning

Help establish your business as a leading player in your sector.

Access the wider Tamarindo community

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What we do best

  • Get the right people together
  • Provide a platform to connect, network, learn and celebrate success 
  • Foster vital connections through curated networking
  • Give voice to industry players, from established leaders to fast-growth pioneers
  • Tailor solutions to client needs
  • Create agendas that inspire action
Leadership Council meeting.

The Leadership Council has greatly accelerated our knowledge.

If we were to have gained the insight organically, it would have taken months.

Leadership Council participant

Current Leadership Councils

Get in touch

For information about participating in our Leadership Councils, contact us at leadershipcouncil@tamarindo.global or complete the form.