Leadership Councils


Empowering businesses to harness the potential of power-to-X technologies.

Our mission

Green hydrogen faces many big challenges: technical, environmental, political, financial, and reputational. Any one of these could deal a fatal blow to the sector. We cannot simply cross our fingers and hope that these conundrums solve themselves. Addressing the bottlenecks requires those who work in the energy sector to come together.

We convene industry leaders to advance the integration of renewable power and hydrogen production.

Why join

At Tamarindo, we unlock the intelligence, connections and expertise so businesses can harness the potential of power-to-X technologies.

Our action-driven exchange equips members with an essential hub of intelligence, a vital network of influential connections, and strategic communications advice to flatten their learning and development curve and move the industry forward.

How we work with you


Pre-wire calls

Through ongoing dialogue, our research team develops meeting agendas driven by member priorities and challenges. We listen to you and are led by you.


Working group meets

We convene quarterly meetings for members to problem-solve collectively, hear best practice and invite peer feedback.


Post-meeting deliverables

Our research team consolidates and distributes the knowledge and insight shared by members and experts.


Applicable tools

Based on member challenges, our research team produces applicable tools, models and frameworks to support your business.

Member benefits

Working with our members, year on year, we enable business leaders to make the right connections, to convene, to collaborate and to consolidate their thinking to drive the market forwards.


Case studies, briefings, white papers, bespoke research


Data sets, project trackers, framework documents

Quarterly meetings

Face-to-face time, live learning & problem solving 


Bilateral calls, introductions, individual networking

Join us

Today, we are the only partner that equips this global community of renewable leaders with an essential hub of intelligence; a vital network of influential connections and debate; and strategic communications advice to stimulate better commercial decisions, inspire smart investment and accelerate the pace of energy transition. 

If you would like to understand what becoming a member of the Leadership Council will mean for your company, please contact: leadershipcouncil@tamarindogroup.com.

Stay connected

To sign up for our free Power-to-X intelligence briefing and receive the latest edition in your inbox, email: leadershipcouncil@tamarindogroup.com.