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September 23, 2021

Wind projects totalling 4GW in Vietnam are set to miss a key deadline of 1st November 2021 to win support under the nation's feed-in tariff (FIT) regime.

Last week we held our Financing Wind North America conference. One of the most interesting sessions was on the first day as Frank Getman, president and CEO at Great Bay Renewables, spoke to Bruce Hogg, managing director and head of power & renewables at CPP Investment Board, and Martin Torres, head of the Americas for renewables at BlackRock Real Assets.

In less volatile market conditions, renewable energy sellers could afford a more relaxed attitude toward off-taker credit. But in the post-Covid, post-subsidy environment, certainty around credit is now key to ensuring that PPAs don’t end up costing more than the seller bargained for.

US citizens are due to vote in the presidential election on 3rd November. For the renewables industry, the choice couldn’t be starker.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of energy reforms in Mexico six years ago. These changes opened up the energy market to private investors for the first time, and brought in competition for the state energy companies...

Good morning. Our regular readers will know that I don’t usually start analysis pieces so formally. But these are strange times and, if you’re like me, craziness is setting in.