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The new year chimes had barely finished ringing when Germany and Austria hit out at European Union plans to label nuclear and natural gas as ‘green’.

Nextwind chief investment officer Lars Meyer is discussing the “phenomenal impact” of Germany’s pioneering onshore wind investors, who were backing onshore wind farms in the early 2000s when most utilities wouldn’t touch renewables.

The year started with apocalyptic wildfires in Australia before taking us into a global pandemic, economic collapse and a disputed US presidential election. It’s time for a well-earned holiday.

The new EEG amendments are intended to help Germany increase renewable electricity capacity from 50% of total production now to 65% by 2030.

Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets agreed to buy Bard Offshore 1’s owner in August and won European Commission support for the deal last September. How did Bard Offshore 1 overcome its history – and where is it going from here?