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Onshore wind developers in Poland are used to punishing policies, but a late change last month to rules that were designed to unlock onshore wind projects is a cruel twist.

A Word About Wind caught up with Lorenzo Palombi, global director of wind projects at BayWa r.e. Global, to talk about where offshore wind fits into the company’s plans; his views on floating wind; and pressures in key markets.

“It is no different than when I was in bodybuilding. I could say at the age of 15: ‘I want to be bodybuilding champion of the world.’ But I had to have a plan.”

The Australian wind market is eerily quiet. Not a single onshore wind farm reached financial close in the first five months of 2021.

The new EEG amendments are intended to help Germany increase renewable electricity capacity from 50% of total production now to 65% by 2030.