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Thought leaders

Erin Coldham, Star of the South - Why offshore wind is taking off in Australia

January 23, 2023

Offshore wind farms totalling over 55GW are being planned in Australia and New Zealand, with the most advanced being the 2.2GW Star of the South off Gippsland, Australia.

We spoke to Erin Coldham, Chief Development Officer at Star of the South, to find out the latest news on the project; and her views on the growing political support for offshore wind, overseas investment, and building the supply chain.

Erin Coldham is the Chief Development Officer at Star of the South – Australia’s most advanced offshore wind project. Erin brings decades of experience in major project planning and delivery and currently oversees Star of the South’s planning and development activities, working with industry, regulators, policy-makers and local communities to bring offshore wind to regional Gippsland and the State of Victoria.

 Erin is part of a global team of offshore wind specialists representing 30 nationalities across the world, delivering for one of the world’s largest green energy fund managers, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners.

Included in A Word About Wind’s Top 100 Women’s Power List 2021, Erin is at the forefront of the market in Australia and New Zealand and is driven by the positive impact offshore wind is making towards a net-zero world.

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