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Financing Wind Inside Investment 2020

Will APAC lead wind investments by 2030?

Financing Wind Inside Investment - in partnership with A Word About Wind and powered by Tamarindo Group.
December 10, 2020

This session will look at opportunities and challenges for wind investors in the APAC region in the next ten years.

  • Which types of investors are driving the growth of wind in Asia-Pacific?
  • What will be the major trends in cross-border wind investment until 2025?
  • How easy is it for European and North American investors to thrive in APAC?
  • How big an impact do you expect China’s 2060 commitment to have on wind?
  • Do you expect Chinese manufacturers to provide global competition to Europeans?
  • Which are the most exciting offshore wind markets in APAC over the next five years?
  • Do you expect APAC companies to play a leading role in technologies, such as energy storage, that will drive the future growth of the wind market?
  • Do you expect Covid-19 to have long-term impacts on wind in APAC?
  • Kunal Patel - VP, Head  of Partnerships & Structured Solutions, Ørsted  Offshore Wind
  • Chakradhar Byreddy, PhD - Director,  Renewables, Asia Pacific, UL
  • Matthias Voss - Managing  Partner, Allen  & Overy (Moderator)
  • Guillermo Martínez-Navas - Co-Head of Offshore Wind, Asia Pacific, Green Investment Group

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